Getting to
work together
Our employees

Reliability is key
WB Firepacks focusses on reliability, both for our clients and employees - because we want employees to be able to reply on our organisation like our clients reply on WB Firepacks. It is important to us that our employees are properly facilitated, with well-equipped workplaces, quality tools for the engineering teams, and well-equipped company cars for the Service Engineers.

Enterprising and no-nonsense
We are a driven organisation with a stable staff base and a great deal of knowledge in the field of fire safety and Firepacks. We are the Benelux market leaders, and are always innovating. Our culture is characterised by its openness and directness, its entrepreneurial spirit, and is informal working atmosphere. Add to that a pleasant work environment and great colleagues, and you will feel at home before you know it!

Metalelektro collective agreement
WB Firepacks works accordance with the Metalelektro collective agreement for the Dutch Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industry. This means that employees can count on competitive wages, good benefits, and ample opportunity to take part in training or education. We encourage everyone - and our organisation as a whole - to be the best that can be, and to keep growing day by day.

A word from our employees
Want to join our team?

WB Firepacks is looking to fill in various fields and levels of education. We are always eager for new (engineering) talent.